Impatiens pallida 

Pale Jewelweed

Names and Myths

Impatiens from the sudden bursting of the capsules when ripe.

pallida pale

Natural history / Folklore

Used as a yellow dye, cure for poison ivy, and as a pot herb.6 Deer like it as forage. Native species, taken to England where it has become naturalized.11

Flowers are protandrous, male parts mature first, then decline, female parts develop after the male parts decline.8 In moist places can reach 5’ to 6’ in height.15 Ruby-throated hummingbirds are a major pollinator of jewelweeds, their bills being long enough to reach the nectar, then pick up pollen and transport it to the next flower.17

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Pale yellow flowers fewer yellow spots than I. capensis. Moist shaddy places along streams