Alliaria petiolata 

Garlic Mustard

Names and Myths

Alliaria like Allium (garlic)

petiolata stalked leaf

Natural history / Folklore

Gives smell to cow’s milk when eaten as forage. Alien plant that is taking over native plant habitat, and through competition removing key sources of native butterfly food - especially the toothworts. Over 30 species prey on it in its native Europe, none are in North America as a result it hits densities here unseen in Europe. Garlic flavor prevents foraging by white-tailed deer and most other native herbivores which has aided its take over of habitat.6

Fresh leaves have a garlic smell and a sweet aftertaste and make a good addation to a salad.32


April – June White flower. 2-3 ft. in height, garlic smell when leaves are crushed. Open woods and roadsides.

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