Barbarea vulgaris Ait. f. 

Garden Yellow rocket

Names and Myths

Barbarea Ancient name, herb of St. Barbara. Refers to St. Barbara’s feast day on December 4th. Unclear if seeds were planted on that day, or if it was the only fresh greens available.34

vulgaris common

Natural history / Folklore

Exotic plant introduced from Europe about 1800, reached noxious weed status by 1950.9 High in Vitamin C and used to prevent scurvy.34 Rosette of green leaves present in winter, and often used for greens.24 Has a bitter taste which may be desired in salad, but two changes of water are recommended for cooked greens.35


One of the spring bright yellows, most spring flowers are white, pink and blue. The flower is composed of  four separate petals and six stamens, two of which are longer than the others.34

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