Dicentra cucullaria 

Dutchman’s Breeches White heart

Names and Myths

Dicentra Twice spurred;

cucullaria hood-like.  Breeches in Victorian times this name caused a great debate for many people found it to be rude to name a plant after the clothing worn over the buttocks.17

Natural history / Folklore

Believed to be a love charm by the Menomini.2 Poisonous to cattle.5 Two joined petals form the two legs the remaining two petals curve upwards, resulting in the floral opening facing down, hence the pollen and nectar are protected form rain. Bumble bees are the main pollinator their 8mm tongues being able to reach the nectar while the honeybee at 6mm can not.6,7

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April – May White flowers resembling britches hanging on a line are borne on a single arching stalk above the leaves.  Leaves fernlike and much dissected. Deep moist rich woods.