Oenothera biennis

Common Evening Primrose

Names and Myths

Oenothera Wine-scented

Another view is that the name is derived from the need for increased consumption of liquids due to the peppery taste of the plant, and Oenothera also means wine-imbibing.34

biennis biennial

primrose Prim is from primus or primula Latin for first.

Natural history / Folklore

Flowers open for night pollination by moths.38 They are a uniform color and heavily scented, flowers that are pollinated loose their petals, those that are not may stay open in the daylight to increase chance of pollination.22 All parts of the plant are edible, though not considered a delicacy.9 Due to a peppery taste several changes of water are required.34

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July – October Yellow flowers composed of 4 petals and 8 stamens, with an X shaped sigma projecting from the center, redish green stems. .45 Dry open spaces, fields and roadsides