Sanguinaria canadensis 

Bloodroot, Red Puccoon

Names and Myths

Sanguinari Bleeding

canadensis of canada.2

Named for the orange red sap in roots and stem1.

Natural history / Folklore

Sap used to cure coughs, colds, and skin diseases1 Contains the alkaloid sanguinarine, which has medical potential and is toxic. The present commercial use is in toothpaste as an anti-plaque agent.12 Plant is poisonous if eaten, and a skin irritant to some.5 The red dye that can be gained from the roots has been used by the Cherokees on the split white oak that they used for baskets, it is also used for wool and other textiles.29


March - April Solitary white flower with 8 to 12 petals, often opening before leaf. Flowers only last a few days before loosing their petals. One round lobed leaf. Rich woods, steep slopes.

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