Buckwheat or Smartweed Family

FORM  Herbs and shrubs, many with sour juice.

Leaves simple, usually alternate with sheathing stipules.

Genera          40           

Species 800 in our area 76 (Gray); 67 (B&B)43

Distribution Mainly temperate

Flowers in conspicuous inflourescences inconspicuous lacking petals, perianth segments 3-7, 4-9 stamens, one pistil.

#Parts 3-6 perianth segments    6-9 stamens, fruit is an achene.                  

Symmetry Regular

Leaves simple – alternate entire

There are sheaths at every point at which a leaf connects with a stem. This sheath forms a knot the source of the other family common name Knotweeds. Two main genera Polygonum, and Rumex.