Aquilegia canadensis

Wild Columbine

Names and Myths

Aquilegia either from the Latin for eagle, or a combination of aqua water and lego to collect – a reference to the nectar holding spurs.17

 Canadensis of Canada

Columba Latin for dove, refers to the flowers which to many look like 5 doves around a drinking bowl

Natural history / Folklore

Flowers are shaped so that only ruby-throated hummingbirds, can easily get to the nectar which is produced in the long slender spurs. The red color is attractive to the hummingbirds, and the yellow openings are said to act as nectar guides.6 Native Americans crushed seeds as a headache treatment, and control for lice. Roots chewed for digestive problems.12,32

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April August  Reds and yellows. Flowers vary in the amount of color present. Leaves divided into 3 rounded lobed leaflets. Steep rocky slopes, open woods, roadsides.