Daucus carota

Wild carrot, Queen-Anne’s-Lace

Names and Myths

Daucus  the Latin name  from the Greek dais to burn, descriptive of the taste of the roots, and stem.6 carota carrot.

Queen-Anne’s-Lace, during the reign of Queen Anne lace collars were worn, and the resemblance accounts for the common name.39 One ledgend holds that the red flower at the center of the flower head symbolizes a drop of blood from the Queens finger, pricked as she made lace.57


June- September  Small white 5 petaled flowers in umbels with red or purple central flower.57 Hairy stems and fernlike leaves. Roadsides and fields.

Natural history / Folklore

European native that has spread across the continent.17 This is one of the most common open field bienials,  flowering in its second season.38

The plant is believed to have come from what is now Afghanistan, and is now distributed throughout the temperate regions of the world.57 Cultivated carrot derived from Asian relative of this plant11, will lend a sour taste to milk and is a skin irritant for some.5 Sixty species of pollinators have been observed to work its flowers.17

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