Carrot or Parsley family

FORM Biennial or perennial herbs. Stem often stout with hollow internodes, may be aromatic.

Genera 270  genera in our area  50

Species 2800 in our area 88 (Gray); 99 (B&B)43

Distribution mainly north temperate

Flowers Latin Umbrella-carriers, tiny regular borne in umbels. Flowers small, in flat-topped, umbrella-shaped clusters

#Parts  5 lobed calyx fused to ovary, 5 petals with stamens alternating. Symmetry

Leaves compound / divided with sheathing bases often finely divided and fern-like.

Fruits dry, seed-like, often ribbed. Food plants in this family include papsley, carrots, turnips, celery, and dill. Poisons Water Hemlock and Poison Hemlock.