Apocynum cannabinum L.

Indian Hemp

Names and Myth

Apocynum dogbane

Dogbanes were once classed as milkweeds now they are in their own family. 17

Cannabinum like hemp or cannabis

Natural history / Folklore

Flowers are designed to attract butterflies and bees, both of which have long tongues. Flies and other small short-tongued insects may become trapped and die. 17

Apocynum is a strong drug that slows the pulse and may also induce vomiting.17  As little as 28g of the green leaves is enough to kill a cow.38


Indian hemp’s stems were gathered by the Indians and the outer layers were twisted into threads and used for ropes, Nets, and fishing lines. 17

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June – August Milky juice, greenish white flowers, reddish stems and opposite leaves.