Asclepias incarnata L.

Swamp milkweed

Names and Myths

Asclepias from Asclepius the mythical son of Apollo the first great Greek healer

incarnata flesh colored

Natural history / Folklore

Grown in Europe as an ornamental.32 Plants contain many toxins, and were used for a variety of ills. The Meskwaki believed that a tea made from it would drive worms from the body within an hour, it has strong laxative properties; but the toxicity of the plants can not be overstressed.8 Monarch egg laying site nectar sources for Tiger swallowtail, painted lady, red admiral, several skipper species, cabbage and sulfur butterflies.

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A showy milkweed with wine-rose-colored flowers in flat toped clusters. Willow like leaves and a hollow stem.48 Peak flowering in July moist to wet soil.