Achillea millefolium 


Names and Myths

Achillea Of Achilles

millefolium thousand leaved. Chippewas called it squirrel tail

Natural history / Folklore

Pollen has been dated from the Neanderthal burial caves from 60,000 years BP.55

Yarrow spreads not only by seed but, by underground runners.17 Leaves are bitter and not favored by cattle.6 When cattle consume yarrow it can give an off taste to the milk. 45

Yarrow has a long history of medical use, Discorides had named it solier's woundwort.55 It was used from ancient Greece at the Trojan War38 up to the Civil War to staunch battle wounds.11 The pulverized leaf is used to stop bleeding; nosebleeds, bleeding hemorrhoids, extensive menstrual bleeding.  There is a chemical basis for these claims for it contains achelleine, and alkaloid that will stop bleeding.38

Early settlers introduced yarrow to North America and spread it across the continent.55 Has been used as a tea, steep leaves 10 min.20 Yarrow contains tannins which are astringent, and essential oils which are antiseptic.55

As a dye it produces yellow to olive green hues.

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Field Marks
  1. Plants aromatic
  2. First year leaves basal,


June - September White flowers with 5 ray blossoms each arranged in flat umbels. Alternate, bipinnate to tripinnate leaves divided and fernlike. Roadsides, Fields, Woods borders.