Centuarea maculosa

Spotted knapweed - Star thistle

Names and Myths

Centuarea conection with Greek centaur maybe that Charon was the centaur who taught Achilles healing herbal knowledge before Troy.9

maculosa Spotted

Old English knobbe a knob, a bud - refers to the head of the flower - a hard compact bud - late bloomer. 1

Natural history / Folklore

Alien species that forms dense stands which are taking over large areas displacing native species. Tend to colonize disturbed sites. 45 Exude cnicin a natural herbicide from roots which prevents germination of competitors, and aids in their establishment on new sites.

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June - October  Pink to pink-purple flowers. Black-tipped spiral bracts. Leaves covered with translucent dots.45 Roadsides and pastures