Eupatorium perfoliatum L

Common Boneset

Names and Myths

Eupatorium dedicated to Mithridates Eupator 132-63 BC. Who is said to have used this species in medicine.

perfoliatum through the leaf

Boneset common name may be based on the doctrine of signatures since the opposite leaves are knitted together around the stem, or more likely that it was given to people with broken bones as a pain reducer.17

Natural history / Folklore

Widely used as a fever reducer, and a bitter tonic. It was listed in the U.S. Pharmacopedia as an official medicine, and many drugstores carried its leaves up until the mid 19th century.  Since it was used for everything from constipation, or expelling worms to snake bite it was also called “thoroughwort” since it was good for what ever ailed you.17 Its major value seems to have been to produce sweating and help break a fever.35

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White flowers August to September. Leaves united around the stem. Grows in wet places