Leucanthemum vulgare 

Ox-eye daisy

Names and Myths

Leucanthemum White flowered

vulgare Common

Natural history / Folklore

Daisy introduced to America with the colonists spread rapidly. One source is said to be the German fodder that the British used to feed their horses during the revolution. It was known as white weed due to its tendency to take over fields. Luckly cattle liked it and it did not impact hay quality.6 Rubbing the flower-heads into your clothing has been reported to provide some protection from blackflies mosquitoes, and deer flies.9

Culpeper said of the daisy "a wound herb of good respect, often used in those drinks and salves that are for wounds, either inward or outward."57

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June – August White ray florets, and yellow disc florets in the center, 8 to 30 inches tall, roadsides and fields. Leaves with wavy to lobed margins and clasping bases.