Tragopogon dubius 

Yellow Goatsbeard

Names and Myths

Tragopogon goats beard

Tragopogon dubius uncertain origin

 Yellow Goatsbeard

 Tragopogon major greater


 Tragopogon pratensis of the meadow

 Meadow Salsify

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Natural history / Folklore

Introduced from Europe, milky juice was a heartburn remedy. The roots were once eaten as carrots, stalks served like asparagus.6 Plants may spend on to several years in a vegetative state before flowering, once they have flowered they die.9


May - July Large yellow flowers closing by noon, seed heads resembling giant dandelions are composed of 100 to 850 seeds and measure 7 to 10 cm across. Milky juice and grass-like leaves. Roadsides and fields