Tussilago farfara


Names and Myths

Tussilago derived from tussis for cough, many folk treatments for coughs make use of coltsfoot.1 Its leaf was used as the symbol for apothecary shops in France.17

 farfara Farfarus, the Latin name

Coltsfoot -  European emigré, named in England based on the heart shaped leaf

Natural history / Folklore

Provides nectar early in the season, but is able to self-pollinate. Flowers closed at times that bees are not likely to fly, thereby conserving pollen and nectar .6 Tussilago  is a monotypic genus (only one species in genus).17

The seeds can hitch rides in the mud splashed into the wheel wells of off-road vehicles and hence has spread throughout the forest road system. It has an agressive root system that can prevent the growth of other plant species.57


March - June Yellow dandylion-like flowers borne on scale covered flower stalk, Basal leaves follow the flowers. Roadsides, ditches, stream-sides. Since it can thrive in poor soil it has spread rapidly.

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