Echium vulgare 

Viper’s Bugloss Blueweed

Names and Myths

Echium Greek echis a viper, from fancied resemblance of nutlets to a vipers head.

 vulgare Common, vulgar

Bugloss from Greek bouglossus = ox-tongued and relates to the shape of the leaves.9

Natural history / Folklore

Naturalized from Europe in 1683 has spread rapidly from Virginia reaching Michigan by 1900.9 Irritant hairs may cause dermatitis.9,19 Produces a deep taproot, that does well on gravely or shalely slopes. On these difficult sites it may be come the dominant plant. It spends the first year or two in a vegetative state.39 Protandrous producing from 500 to 2,000 seeds per plant.

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June - August   Bristly, spotted stemmed plant with long narrow stem leaves and prominent flower spikes. Blue flowers with extended bottom lip and protruding red tipped stamens.  Roadsides and fields