Harebell, Bellflower or Bluebell family

FORM Palm like in the tropics, herbs with milky juice in temperate regions.

Flowers 5-merous, fruit a capsule, or a berry.

Genera        60     In our area two major genera Lobelia and Campanula Bluebells

Species 2000 in our area 16 (Gray);  13 (B&B)43

Distribution  global

Flowers often showy, blue or violet, funnel or bell shaped. Lobelia irregular 2-lobed upper lip and a 3 lobed lower lip. Bluebells 5 lobed corolla.

#Parts  Calyx 5 lobed, corolla tubular, 5 united sepals, 5 united petals, 5 stamens    and a single style

Symmetry bilateral

Leaves alternate simple leaves, lacking stipules, often milky juice.