Lobelia cardinalis 

Cardinal Flower

Names and Myths

Lobelia Of Lobel (a Flemish botanist Matthias de Lobel 1538-1616) cardinalis Brilliant red color worn by the cardinals of Roman Church.

Natural history / Folklore

Root used by Cherokee Indians against syphilis and worms.

Shape and red color of the flower favor hummingbirds, the pistil and stamen touch the bird’s head as it feeds on the nectar. The male stamen develops first, followed by the female. The flowers open at the base of the stalk first. A single flower stalk may berries at its base female flowers then male flowers and buds at the tip.8


July - September to 2 m in height, Red flowers borne on stalk above numerous toothed leaves. Lower lip of flower is split into 3 parts, the white stamen protrudes through a split in the upper petal. Stream-sides, marshes and low woods.

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