Convolvulus sepium 

Hedge bindweed 

recently assigned to

Calystegia sepium

Hedge false bindweed is now the official name

Names and Myths

Convolvulus from latin convolo  to entwine

sepium from latin sepium of hedges or fences22

Calystegia Greek kalyx cup stege covering – describes how the sepals clasp the base of the flowers.6

Natural history / Folklore

Tea made by dropping a handful of leaves into boiling water was used as a laxative. Witch lore uses bindweed to wrap a figure representing a victim with 9 turns of the weed, spell is best if done 3 days before a full moon.22 Hedge bind weed climbs by wrapping itself in a counterclockwise direction, it can complete a circle in less than two hours.6,17

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une – August flowers white – pink or pinkish blue. Roadsides fields