Heath family

FORM  woody large shrubs or trees, rarely trailing

Genera          70         

Species  1500 in our area 76 (Gray);  75 (B&B)43

Distribution  global in the USA found on acid soils in bogs and on Mountains’

Flowers often showy, solitary or in clusters 4 to 5 fused petals. Shrubs and subshrubs. Trailing arbutus an example of the trailing form.

#Parts    4-5 sepals forming tubular calyx 4-5 joined petals.  8-10 stamens

Symmetry regular, close to bilateral in some.

Leaves usually evergreen, simple alternate.

Cultivated shrubs include Mountain-laurel, rhododendron, azaleas, blueberries, cranberries. Herbaceous species include trailing arbutus.