Monarda fistulosa L.

 Wild Bergamot, Oswego Tea

Names and Myths

Monarda Dedicated to Nicolas Monardes author of many tracts about medicinal and useful plants in the New World late 16th century.

fistulosa tubular because of the long pipe shaped flowers.54

Bergamot refers to the citrus-like scent resembling Bergamont Oranges.34

Natural history / Folklore

Leaves and flower heads used for herbal teas as are most of the plants in the mint family.9  Bergamot oil is obtained from this species. The plant is high in Vitamin C and A. 34

Nectar source for many species of butterflies.34 It is also a favored plant of humming birds.54

Species List Family Group
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Lavender bergamot – can grow to six feet in height and from dense clumps. It does best in moist situations. 44