Galium aparine 


Names and Myths

Galium France or Gaul, gala milk, most of the members of this genus are able to curdle milk.57

aparine to seize

Cleavers from the plants ability to adhere or cleave, due to the downward pointing hairs on the stem. 45

Natural history / Folklore

Stiff hairs in the stems and leaves allow the plant to adhere to clothing. The young shoots and fruit are edible.34 The root can be used for a red dye,57 and the herbalists used it for obstruction of the bowels.41 Since its seeds are the same size as canola seeds it is a problem for canola growers since its seeds are difficult from the crop of canola seeds. 45


Weak stemmed vine that creeps over other plants. Flower petals are arranged like a Maltese cross.41 Leaves in whorls of 6-8 with a square stem.45

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