Bedstraw or Madder family

FORM Herbs and shrubs

Distribution tropics

Genera    500       

Species 6000 in our area 52 (Gray); 49 (B&B)43

Flowers with 4 or 5 fused sepals and 4 or 5 petals fused into a funnel-shaped corolla. Fruits berries, drupes or capsules. Leaves entire, opposite or in whorls.

#Parts   4-5 fused sepals, 4-5 fused petals, stamens alternate with corolla lobes.  Symmetry radial

Leaves Simple entire, opposite or in whorls of 3 - 8. Stipules are similar in size and shape to the leaves.

Important ornamental and economic species, gardenia, coffee and quinine. In our area herbaceous species bedstraw, bluets and partridgeberry.