Linaria vulgaris

Butter and Eggs, or Toadflax

Names and Myths

Linaria from the latin linum for flax which its leaves resemble.

vulgaris common

Butter and Eggs

Natural history / Folklore

Toadflax is a parasitic plant, yet has not become obligate and still carries on photosynthesis, but id foes better when planted with other speices when used in a garden. The orange in the flower attracts bumblebees which are one of the few pollinators strong enough to reach the nectar reward since they must force their way into the flower.6 It is notable as a weed that is almost impossible for a farmer to remove from a pasture as it spreads not only by seed but vegetatively.2


Yellow irregular flowers, entire grasslike leaves born alternately on the stem. Flowers in the summer.

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