Arum or Calla family

FORM Terrestrial or rarely aquatic. Herbaceous (wet in temperate zone) Many contain calcium oxalate crystals making their sap acrid.

Genera    115      

Species 2000  in our area 10 (Gray) 8 (B&B)

Distribution Mainly in the tropics, temperate

Flowers Flowers bisexual or unisexual, spadix often subtended by a large showy spathe.often have an offensive scent, borne on spadix. Fruit a berry.

#Parts  perianth absent in unisexual flowers, 2-8 stamens  Symmetry

Leaves Leaves alternate, simple or compound.basal clump growing from rhizome

Early family, all with a fleshy root, several have offensive odors. Small flowers born on a cylindrical or club shaped stem called a spadix.