Commelinna communis

Asiatic Dayflower

Names and Myths

Commelinna Named by Linnaeus for three Dutch brothers, whose name was Commelyn. Two of the brothers published and were represented by the two showy petals, the third did not publish and he was represented by the third inconspicuous petal.17

communis in colonies

Natural history / Folklore

One of the few weeds to have come from Asia.39 When the flowers wither the petals form a gelatinous mass mixing with the remaining nectar, drawing bees who love to feed on it and in so doing may achieve pollination.17

With a cream soft the roots have been used for a creamed potatoes substitute, the leaves were believed to increase potency, of both man and stock animals when eaten raw.22


June  - October Blue flowers with three petals two showy and the third white and inconspicuous.  Virginia day flower has 3 blue petals but is not listed for Augusta County.31 Flowers arise from boat-like bracts.

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