Kingdom  Plantae -- Plants

Subkingdom  Tracheobionta -- Vascular plants

Superdivision  Spermatophyta -- Seed plants

Division  Magnoliophyta -- Flowering plants


Class  Liliopsida -- Monocotyledons

Contains 5 subclasses and 5938 accepted taxa overall


Subclass  Alismatidae

Order  Alismatales

Family  Alismataceae -- Water-plantain family

Family  Butomaceae -- Flowering Rush family

Family  Limnocharitaceae -- Water-poppy family

Order  Hydrocharitales

Family  Hydrocharitaceae -- Tape-grass famil

Order  Najadales

Family  Aponogetonaceae -- Cape-pondweed family

Family  Cymodoceaceae -- Manatee-grass family

Family  Juncaginaceae -- Arrow-grass family

Family  Najadaceae -- Water-nymph family

Family  Posidoniaceae -- Posidonia family

Family  Potamogetonaceae -- Pondweed family

Family  Ruppiaceae -- Ditch-grass family

Family  Scheuchzeriaceae -- Scheuchzeria family

Family  Zannichelliaceae -- Horned pondweed family

Family  Zosteraceae -- Eel-grass family

Subclass  Arecidae

Order  Arales

Family  Acoraceae -- Calamus family

Family  Araceae -- Arum family

Family  Lemnaceae -- Duckweed family

Order  Arecales

Family  Arecaceae -- Palm family

Order  Cyclanthales

Family  Cyclanthaceae -- Panama Hat family

Order  Pandanales

Family  Pandanaceae -- Screw-pine family

Subclass  Commelinidae

Order  Commelinales

Family  Commelinaceae -- Spiderwort family

Family  Mayacaceae -- Mayaca family

Family  Xyridaceae -- Yellow-eyed Grass family

Order  Cyperales

Family  Cyperaceae -- Sedge family

Family  Poaceae -- Grass family

Order  Eriocaulales

Family  Eriocaulaceae -- Pipewort family

Order  Juncales

Family  Juncaceae -- Rush family

Order  Restionales

Family  Joinvilleaceae -- Joinvillea family

Order  Typhales

Family  Sparganiaceae -- Bur-reed family

Family  Typhaceae -- Cat-tail family

Subclass  Liliidae

Order  Liliales

Family  Agavaceae -- Century-plant family

Family  Aloeaceae -- Aloe family

Family  Dioscoreaceae -- Yam family

Family  Haemodoraceae -- Bloodwort family

Family  Hanguanaceae -- Hanguana family

Family  Iridaceae -- Iris family

Family  Liliaceae -- Lily family

Family  Philydraceae -- Philydraceae family

Family  Pontederiaceae -- Water-Hyacinth family

Family  Smilacaceae -- Catbrier family

Family  Stemonaceae -- Stemona family

Family  Taccaceae -- Tacca family

Order  Orchidales

Family  Burmanniaceae -- Burmannia family

Family  Orchidaceae -- Orchid family

Subclass  Zingiberidae

Order  Bromeliales

Family  Bromeliaceae -- Bromeliad family

Order  Zingiberales

Family  Cannaceae -- Canna family

Family  Costaceae -- Costus family

Family  Heliconiaceae -- Heliconia family

Family  Marantaceae -- Prayer-Plant family

Family  Musaceae -- Banana family

Family  Strelitziaceae -- Bird of Paradise Flower family



Class  Magnoliopsida -- Dicotyledons

Contains 6 subclasses and 26903 accepted taxa overall


Subclass  Asteridae

Order  Asterales

Family  Asteraceae -- Aster family

Order  Callitrichales

Family  Callitrichaceae -- Water-starwort family

Family  Hippuridaceae -- Mare's-tail family

Order  Calycerales

Family  Calyceraceae -- Calycera family

Order  Campanulales

Family  Campanulaceae -- Bellflower family

Family  Goodeniaceae -- Goodenia family

Family  Sphenocleaceae -- Spenoclea family

Order  Dipsacales

Family  Adoxaceae -- Moschatel family

Family  Caprifoliaceae -- Honeysuckle family

Family  Dipsacaceae -- Teasel family

Family  Valerianaceae -- Valerian family

Order  Gentianales

Family  Apocynaceae -- Dogbane family

Family  Asclepiadaceae -- Milkweed family

Family  Gentianaceae -- Gentian family

Family  Loganiaceae -- Logania family

Order  Lamiales

Family  Boraginaceae -- Borage family

Family  Lamiaceae -- Mint family

Family  Lennoaceae -- Lennoa family

Family  Verbenaceae -- Verbena family

Order  Plantaginales

Family  Plantaginaceae -- Plantain family

Order  Rubiales

Family  Rubiaceae -- Madder family

Order  Scrophulariales

Family  Acanthaceae -- Acanthus family

Family  Bignoniaceae -- Trumpet-creeper family

Family  Buddlejaceae -- Butterfly-bush family

Family  Gesneriaceae -- Gesneriad family

Family  Lentibulariaceae -- Bladderwort family

Family  Myoporaceae -- Myoporum family

Family  Oleaceae -- Olive family

Family  Orobanchaceae -- Broom-rape family

Family  Pedaliaceae -- Sesame family

Family  Scrophulariaceae -- Figwort family

Order  Solanales

Family  Convolvulaceae -- Morning-glory family

Family  Cuscutaceae -- Dodder family

Family  Fouquieriaceae -- Ocotillo family

Family  Hydrophyllaceae -- Waterleaf family

Family  Menyanthaceae -- Buckbean family

Family  Polemoniaceae -- Phlox family

Family  Solanaceae -- Potato family

Subclass  Caryophyllidae

Order  Caryophyllales

Family  Achatocarpaceae -- Achatocarpus family

Family  Aizoaceae -- Fig-marigold family

Family  Amaranthaceae -- Amaranth family

Family  Basellaceae -- Basella family

Family  Cactaceae -- Cactus family

Family  Caryophyllaceae -- Pink family

Family  Chenopodiaceae -- Goosefoot family

Family  Molluginaceae -- Carpet-weed family

Family  Nyctaginaceae -- Four o'clock family

Family  Phytolaccaceae -- Pokeweed family

Family  Portulacaceae -- Purslane family

Order  Plumbaginales

Family  Plumbaginaceae -- Leadwort family

Order  Polygonales

Family  Polygonaceae -- Buckwheat family

Subclass  Dilleniidae

Order  Batales

Family  Bataceae -- Saltwort family

Order  Capparales

Family  Brassicaceae -- Mustard family

Family  Capparaceae -- Caper family

Family  Moringaceae -- Horse-radish tree family

Family  Resedaceae -- Mignonette family

Order  Diapensiales

Family  Diapensiaceae -- Diapensia family

Order  Dilleniales

Family  Dilleniaceae -- Dillenia family

Family  Paeoniaceae -- Peony family

Order  Ebenales

Family  Ebenaceae -- Ebony family

Family  Sapotaceae -- Sapodilla family

Family  Styracaceae -- Storax family

Family  Symplocaceae -- Sweetleaf family

Order  Ericales

Family  Clethraceae -- Clethra family

Family  Cyrillaceae -- Cyrilla family

Family  Empetraceae -- Crowberry family

Family  Epacridaceae -- Epacris family

Family  Ericaceae -- Heath family

Family  Monotropaceae -- Indian Pipe family

Family  Pyrolaceae -- Shinleaf family

Order  Lecythidales

Family  Lecythidaceae -- Brazil-nut family

Order  Malvales

Family  Bombacaceae -- Kapok-tree family

Family  Elaeocarpaceae -- Elaeocarpus family

Family  Malvaceae -- Mallow family

Family  Sterculiaceae -- Cacao family

Family  Tiliaceae -- Linden family

Order  Nepenthales

Order  Primulales

Family  Myrsinaceae -- Myrsine family

Family  Primulaceae -- Primrose family

Family  Theophrastaceae -- Theophrasta family

Order  Salicales

Family  Salicaceae -- Willow family

Order  Theales

Family  Actinidiaceae -- Chinese Gooseberry family

Family  Caryocaraceae -- Souari family

Family  Clusiaceae -- Mangosteen family

Family  Dipterocarpaceae -- Meranti family

Family  Elatinaceae -- Waterwort family

Family  Marcgraviaceae -- Shingle Plant family

Family  Ochnaceae -- Ochna family

Family  Theaceae -- Tea family

Order  Violales

Family  Begoniaceae -- Begonia family

Family  Bixaceae -- Lipstick-tree family

Family  Caricaceae -- Papaya family

Family  Cistaceae -- Rock-rose family

Family  Cucurbitaceae -- Cucumber family

Family  Datiscaceae -- Datisca family

Family  Flacourtiaceae -- Flacourtia family

Family  Frankeniaceae -- Frankenia family

Family  Loasaceae -- Loasa family

Family  Passifloraceae -- Passion-flower family

Family  Tamaricaceae -- Tamarix family

Family  Turneraceae -- Turnera family

Family  Violaceae -- Violet family

Subclass  Hamamelidae

Order  Casuarinales

Family  Casuarinaceae -- She-oak family

Order  Fagales

Family  Betulaceae -- Birch family

Family  Fagaceae -- Beech family

Order  Hamamelidales

Family  Cercidiphyllaceae -- Katsura-tree family

Family  Hamamelidaceae -- Witch-hazel family

Family  Platanaceae -- Plane-tree family

Order  Juglandales

Family  Juglandaceae -- Walnut family

Order  Leitneriales

Family  Leitneriaceae -- Corkwood family

Order  Myricales

Family  Myricaceae -- Bayberry family

Order  Urticales

Family  Cannabaceae -- Hemp family

Family  Cecropiaceae -- Cecropia family

Family  Moraceae -- Mulberry family

Family  Ulmaceae -- Elm family

Family  Urticaceae -- Nettle family

Subclass  Magnoliidae

Order  Aristolochiales

Family  Aristolochiaceae -- Birthwort family

Order  Illiciales

Family  Illiciaceae -- Star-anise family

Family  Schisandraceae -- Schisandra family

Order  Laurales

Family  Calycanthaceae -- Strawberry-shrub family

Family  Hernandiaceae -- Hernandia family

Family  Lauraceae -- Laurel family

Family  Monimiaceae -- Monimia family

Order  Magnoliales

Family  Annonaceae -- Custard-apple family

Family  Canellaceae -- Canella family

Family  Magnoliaceae -- Magnolia family

Family  Myristicaceae -- Nutmeg family

Family  Sonneratiaceae -- Sonneratia family

Family  Winteraceae -- Wintera family

Order  Nymphaeales

Family  Cabombaceae -- Water-shield family

Family  Ceratophyllaceae -- Hornwort family

Family  Nelumbonaceae -- Lotus-lily family

Family  Nymphaeaceae -- Water-lily family

Order  Papaverales

Family  Fumariaceae -- Fumitory family

Family  Papaveraceae -- Poppy family

Order  Piperales

Family  Chloranthaceae -- Chloranthus family

Family  Piperaceae -- Pepper family

Family  Saururaceae -- Lizard's-tail family

Order  Ranunculales

Family  Berberidaceae -- Barberry family

Family  Lardizabalaceae -- Lardizabala family

Family  Menispermaceae -- Moonseed family

Family  Ranunculaceae -- Buttercup family

Family  Sabiaceae -- Sabia family

Subclass  Rosidae

Order  Apiales

Family  Apiaceae -- Carrot family

Family  Araliaceae -- Ginseng family

Order  Celastrales

Family  Aquifoliaceae -- Holly family

Family  Celastraceae -- Bittersweet family

Family  Corynocarpaceae -- Karaka family

Family  Hippocrateaceae -- Hippocratea family

Family  Icacinaceae -- Icacina family

Family  Stackhousiaceae -- Stackhousia family

Order  Cornales

Family  Cornaceae -- Dogwood family

Family  Garryaceae -- Silk Tassel family

Family  Nyssaceae -- Sour Gum family

Order  Euphorbiales

Family  Buxaceae -- Boxwood family

Family  Euphorbiaceae -- Spurge family

Family  Simmondsiaceae -- Jojoba family

Order  Fabales

Family  Fabaceae -- Pea family

Order  Geraniales

Family  Balsaminaceae -- Touch-me-not family

Family  Geraniaceae -- Geranium family

Family  Limnanthaceae -- Meadow-Foam family

Family  Oxalidaceae -- Wood-Sorrel family

Family  Tropaeolaceae -- Nasturtium family

Order  Haloragales

Family  Gunneraceae -- Gunnera family

Family  Haloragaceae -- Water Milfoil family

Order  Linales

Family  Erythroxylaceae -- Coca family

Family  Linaceae -- Flax family

Order  Myrtales

Family  Combretaceae -- Indian Almond family

Family  Lythraceae -- Loosestrife family

Family  Melastomataceae -- Melastome family

Family  Myrtaceae -- Myrtle family

Family  Onagraceae -- Evening Primrose family

Family  Punicaceae -- Pomegranate family

Family  Thymelaeaceae -- Mezereum family

Family  Trapaceae -- Water Chestnut family

Order  Podostemales

Family  Podostemaceae -- River-weed family

Order  Polygalales

Family  Krameriaceae -- Krameria family

Family  Malpighiaceae -- Barbados Cherry family

Family  Polygalaceae -- Milkwort family

Order  Proteales

Family  Proteaceae -- Protea family

Order  Rafflesiales

Family  Rafflesiaceae -- Rafflesia family

Order  Rhamnales

Family  Elaeagnaceae -- Oleaster family

Family  Rhamnaceae -- Buckthorn family

Family  Vitaceae -- Grape family

Order  Rhizophorales

Family  Rhizophoraceae -- Red Mangrove family

Order  Rosales

Family  Brunelliaceae -- Brunellia family

Family  Chrysobalanaceae -- Cocoa-plum family

Family  Connaraceae -- Cannarus family

Family  Crassulaceae -- Stonecrop family

Family  Crossosomataceae -- Crossosoma family

Family  Cunoniaceae -- Cunonia family

Family  Greyiaceae -- Greyia family

Family  Grossulariaceae -- Currant family

Family  Hydrangeaceae -- Hydrangea family

Family  Pittosporaceae -- Pittosporum family

Family  Rosaceae -- Rose family

Family  Saxifragaceae -- Saxifrage family

Family  Surianaceae -- Suriana family

Order  Santalales

Family  Balanophoraceae -- Balanophora family

Family  Eremolepidaceae -- Catkin-mistletoe family

Family  Loranthaceae -- Showy Mistletoe family

Family  Olacaceae -- Olax family

Family  Santalaceae -- Sandalwood family

Family  Viscaceae -- Christmas Mistletoe family

Order  Sapindales

Family  Aceraceae -- Maple family

Family  Anacardiaceae -- Sumac family

Family  Burseraceae -- Frankincense family

Family  Hippocastanaceae -- Horse-chestnut family

Family  Meliaceae -- Mahogany family

Family  Rutaceae -- Rue family

Family  Sapindaceae -- Soapberry family

Family  Simaroubaceae -- Quassia family

Family  Staphyleaceae -- Bladdernut family

Family  Zygophyllaceae -- Creosote-bush family



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