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Academic Life at Mary Baldwin College

Studying in Grafton LibraryPassion and purpose

At Mary Baldwin, passion for learning translates into building a life of purpose. We believe that the liberal arts education you gain here integrates all that you are — your mind, your body, your character. It will prepare you not only to launch a successful career but to make a real, positive difference in the world.

Here, you’ll encounter the complexity and diversity of human experience and explore your unique potential. You’ll gain the ability to get to the heart of a question and create solutions. And you will learn to wield the power of communication, investigation, and rational thought in service of the greater good.

Academics at MBC are organized through four Schools of Excellence, groups of related disciplines that connect undergraduate with graduate, theory with practice, and learning with service.

Undergraduates apply to Mary Baldwin as a whole, not to a school, and enter through one of the Leadership Gateways (including several options in the College for Women as well as the Adult Degree Program). The Common Curriculum will give your education breadth and help you learn to connect ideas from various academic fields. As you discover what you are most passionate about, you decide on one or more majors and perhaps a minor course of study, which are offered through the schools.

Return on Education

This special preview of Boldly Baldwin explores the value of an MBC degree.