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Certificate in Health Care Management

Twenty-one semester hours of coursework (7 courses) – 12 core hours plus 9 hours
of elective credit – are required for this certificate. Up to nine
of the hours (3 courses) may be transferred from other colleges or completed
by prior learning portfolio.

Courses are available on-line, in group tutorial formats at your local MBC
regional center, on campus in Staunton in traditional formats, or by independent
tutorial study. You will need to complete all coursework with a grade of
C- or better.

Upon completion of the program you receive a certificate in health care management
and a special designation on your transcript.


  • HCA 101, Introduction to Health Care Administration
  • HCA 310, Health Care Strategic Management
  • HCA/ECON 320, Economics and Finance of Health Care Systems
  • INT 222, Social Sciences Statistics


  • HCA/PHIL 230, Medical and Health Care Ethics
  • HCA 240, Long-Term Care Administration
  • HCA/BIOL 261, Epidemiology
  • HCA 330, Managed Care