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May Term

Mayterm Field Biology with Dr. JonesFor three weeks after the end of the spring semester, May Term at Mary Baldwin offers students the chance to take a concentrated course that meets every day. With a wide range of subjects from which to choose, these courses often include field trips or other excursions. Some include foreign study and off campus travel. Each of these courses gives a rare opportunity to focus on a subject in depth — and a not-so-rare opportunity at MBC to have fun and to venture off campus.

For more information on course offerings, please contact the registrar’s office. Recent courses have included:

  • Analysis of Film
  • Women in Management
  • Field Biology (studied in nearby mountains, meadows, and streams)
  • Women in U.S. History
  • Jazz in New Orleans (complete with a trip to the Crescent City)
  • Music in the Theatre
  • U.S. Hispanic Literature and Culture
  • Psychology of Women
  • Renaissance Studies (in Italy)
  • Theatre (in London or Paris)
  • Tennis, Golf, Dance, and Self Defense.