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In order to be considered a transfer applicant to Mary Baldwin College, a student must have at least 12 semester hours of college-level work not completed under dual enrollment.

Mary Baldwin College grants transfer credit for collegiate-level coursework from regionally accredited institutions of higher education which is generally congruent with a liberal arts curriculum and was completed at the level of C- or better. Transfer courses need not be identical to courses in the MBC curriculum.

Transfer coursework may apply to majors, minors, certification, general education requirements, or general electives.

VCCS Gen-Ed Completion Requirements: MBC is happy to accept work completed in the VCCS transfer module in partial completion of college requirements as long as it was passed at the level of C- or better.

Transfer Officer
The college’s transfer officer is Dr. Lewis Askegaard, associate dean of the college and registrar. Dr. Askegaard will determine applicability of coursework to the various college requirements in coordination with the faculty.

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