ADP Loyalty Fund Scholarship

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Thanks to the growing generosity of Alumnae/i and friends of the Adult Degree Program, as manifested in their participation in the Annual Fund activities of the College, we have initiated an ADP Loyalty Fund Scholarship Program. The Scholarship Program is designed to be a source of financial assistance for selected ADP students and to supplement any other loan or grant programs in which they may be participating.

The ADP Loyalty Fund made its first awards to ADP students in 1995. Since then it has given scholarships to ADP students each year. The criteria for eligibility are listed below. Beginning in Spring 2000, scholarship applicants must submit an application to their advisor by February 1. The Scholarship Committee selects the recipients by March 1, and the awards are applied to the students’ accounts for the following Fall semester.

The ADP Loyalty Fund is an excellent way for current students, alumnae, family, and friends to support the Adult Degree Program by supporting ADP students.

I. Eligibility

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • have not previously earned a bachelor’s degree;
  • be degree-seeking students in good standing in the Adult Degree Program;
  • have not previously been awarded the scholarship;
  • have completed twelve (12) or more semester hours of MBC graded work, with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5;
  • be planning to enroll in the following Fall semester.

II. Criteria

Recipients will be selected annually on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Academic record
  • Demonstrates a commitment to learning and growth in the program
  • Service to the Program, College, and Community

Need will be considered as a criterion when/if it is necessary to select from otherwise similarly qualified nominees.

III. Procedures

  1. Students will obtain application forms from their Academic Advisor or Regional Office or will print them from this web site.
  2. Students will submit applications to their Academic Advisor by February 1.
  3. Faculty Advisors in each Region will determine the eligibility of each applicant and will select two or three nominees (depending on funds available) from each Region by February 15. Advisors will write letters of recommendation for the top three candidates from their region. All applications from the Regions, along with letters of recommendation, will be forwarded to the committee chair.
  4. The Scholarship Committee will select the recipients by March 1.
  5. Upon the selection of recipients, the committee will inform the Dean/Director of The Adult Degree Program, who will, in turn, notify the recipients of the Award and will notify the Financial Aid Office, which will post the scholarships to the students’ aid awards for the following Fall Semester.
  6. Award amounts may vary from year to year, but are expected to be approximately $1,000 per award, applied as part of the student’s total aid.

If you would like more information about the ADP Loyalty Fund Program, please contact the ADP Office.

For information about how to contribute to the ADP Loyalty Fund, contact your faculty advisor, MBC Institutional Advancement at 540-887-7011, or contribute online.