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Our faculty supports the arts, not only as a tool for your own personal growth, but for healing and strengthening communities in conflict. Our arts-for-peace emphasis is found nowhere else. Be inspired to use your creativity to influence positive change.

Hannah Scott
Many of my art and art history professors have, over the years, evolved into much more than teachers for me. They are truly my mentors, not only on a personal level, but also as professionals and artists.
— Hannah Scott ’10, who traveled to El Salvador to help create a peace mural with MBC Artist-in-Residence and human rights activist Claudia Bernardi.


Find out what it is like to be so engaged in classroom conversation that you lose track of time. Our students find themselves approaching interdisciplinary courses in history, philosophy, and literature with open, creative minds.

Denise Kensinger
Seeing how much my MBC professors loved English literature … I recognized my own destiny. I knew that I would not be satisfied doing anything with my life other than teaching English literature. I would not be pursuing my dream of becoming a professor if they had not pushed me to see something I didn’t notice at first.
— Denise Kinsinger ’09, who enrolled in a Master of Letters class as a freshman. She is now working toward her doctoral degree at Durham University in England.

Renaissance Studies

Few colleges offer the same depth and breadth of study in the Elizabethan era, the works of William Shakespeare, and the performance of Renaissance literature. Learn to act, teach, direct, manage backstage, and conduct research while following our five-year program to earn a master of letters.

Paul Menzer
Research is radically different here … It’s all part of our larger commitment to helping our students take the ‘next step’ in their professional careers.
— Dr. Paul Menzer, associate professor and director of MLitt/MFA