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American Studies for Educators

Designed for aspiring teachers, American Studies for Educators examines, from several perspectives, the development and expressions of a national culture and subcultures, exploring diverse aspects of the American experience locally, nationally, and globally. American Studies considers life in the United States of America by encouraging students to analyze the American past and present, to synthesize their knowledge, and to develop the critical habit of mind needed for cultural understanding. Such skills are essential for the formation of a knowledgeable and politically engaged citizenry.

What we do at Mary Baldwin College:  American Studies is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the study of the cultures of the United States, including transnational, global, and comparative perspectives. The disciplines that constitute this major are History, English, Political Science, Economics, and Anthropology.

What you learn through American Studies for Educators
American History, Literature and Politics are the disciplines that form the foundation of this major. American Studies for Educators also prepares students in:

  • Virginia history
  • Human geography
  • Micro- and macroeconomics
  • The workings of government at the federal, state , and local levels

Students in this major will complete the teacher education program, resulting in a minor in education and a Virginia teaching license, and for a capstone project will complete an interdisciplinary senior thesis in an aspect of education in the United States.

Our resources in the community: Mary Baldwin College is well-situated to afford students in American Studies for Educators the opportunity to hone their skills in area educational institutions. For students in the College for Women and ADP students at the Staunton/Weyers Cave regional centers may work with one of the following:

  • Staunton Public Schools
  • Waynesboro Public Schools
  • Augusta County Public Schools
  • The Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind
  • The Pygmalion School
  • The Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center

Adult Degree Program students complete education practicums in their regional locations.

All courses in this major are available through both the College for Women in Staunton and the Adult Degree at all locations.