American Studies


American Studies is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the study of the cultures of the United States, including transnational, global, and comparative perspectives, and culminates in an interdisciplinary thesis in one of the concentrations: American Studies for Educators; American Ethnicity, Culture, and Race; Global America; American Public Life; and American Arts and Letters.  Students can earn a major, minor, or certificate in American Studies.

Students who choose American Studies often hope to pursue a career in public life; enjoy the study of history, social sciences, literature, art, and music; or are looking for a major to complement a minor in psychology, the natural or social sciences, humanities, or other related fields.

International students may be particularly interested in American Studies to broaden their understanding of the American way of life. For exchange students who plan to be on campus one year, the Certificate in American Studies is an excellent way to enhance the value of their time studying in the U.S.