Anthropologists  find careers in government, the State Department, the Department of Defense, USAID, World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, medicine, epidemiology, public health, ethnic, community or area studies, business, marketing and social and humanitarian agencies, museums, cultural resource management, heritage, tourism and historic preservation, as well as academic careers.

At Mary Baldwin, the Rosemarie Sena Center for Career Development is dedicated to helping students transition successfully from college to career. Staff members provide career-related assessment, occupational/vocational exploration, decision-making skills development, and job search and/or graduate school assistance.

External resources:

This is Anthropology Prezi: a presentation developed by students at the University of Southern Florida to showcase the diversity and relevance of careers in anthropology.

This is Anthropology: a great web resource coordinated by the American Anthropological Association.

Careers in Anthropology: data related to employment in anthropology from the American Anthropological Association.

Society for Applied Anthropology: an organization devoted to the applying the social sciences to real life, especially anthropology.