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Sharon Kemmerer ’11
Korean Students: Campus Integration and Intercultural Competency
Due to linguistic and cultural barriers, international students often have a difficult time becoming fully integrated on U.S. campuses, particularly terms of developing meaningful relationships with American students. Mary Baldwin has long welcomed international students into her academic programs, and in the 2010-11 school year, these included nine Korean students from Sungshin University. This study explored barriers that this group, currently the largest international cohort at the college, faced while attending Mary Baldwin. Utilizing interviews from these Korean students, this study analyzed sociolinguistic, intrapersonal communication, and cultural barriers and ways to overcome them.

Joanna Torres ’11
Crónica De San Gabriel: Comparative Lifestyle and Tolerance Issues Among Peruvian Andean Populations
Crónica De San Gabriel, by Julio Ramon Ribeyro, is a Peruvian novel that depicts the life of a typical wealthy Andean family of the early 20th century through the eyes of a Limean adolescent. Although Ribeyro claims that it is not an indigenous novel, predominant themes surrounding the treatment of indigenous people by the Peruvian upper class tend to prove otherwise. Joanna’s thesis explores these themes in a quest to prove that it is, in fact, an indigenous novel.