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Art & Anthropology Class
Art & Anthropology Class, Kluge Ruhe Aboriginal Center, Charlottesville, Virginia

At MBC anthropology is located in the interdisciplinary World Languages, Literatures and Cultures department. Although anthropology majors also takes classes in the sociology department (the major is anthropology/sociology), the senior seminar and thesis is written in a joint class with language majors and area studies majors (Asian studies), all of whom have also taken several required courses in anthropology. This cross-disciplinary discussion is unique to Mary Baldwin. Also in this major, it is required that one course be taken off campus or abroad.

In courses such as Language and Culture, and Anthropology of Ritual and Symbol, students examine contemporary and recent human societies. By focusing on the civilization behind the language, students develop a methodology that helps them understand other cultures.

Anthropology is also offered as a minor that consists of anthropology courses and allows some electives from Asian studies, languages, and political science.