Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics explores the connections between mathematics and real world problems, and uses mathematics in studying and solving these problems. In this interdisciplinary major, students learn the techniques of modeling, analysis, algorithm development, and simulation as applied in their area of interest, whether it is engineering, computer science, biology, chemistry, physics, or economics. Coursework includes ordinary and partial differential equations, probability and statistics, linear and modern algebra, programming, numerical computing, and complex analysis.

dual degree program

Through MBC’s dual degree program in applied math and engineering, Alexis graduated with her master’s in Biomedical Engineering at UVa in May 2013.

Students can pursue a BS with a major in applied mathematics in two ways, either at the College or through the Mary Baldwin College — University of Virginia dual degree program in Engineering. Students interested in the dual degree program must complete the calculus and physics sequence in their first year at the College.

Applied Mathematics is available through the College for Women and Adult Degree Program* in Staunton.

*available to ADP students if they are transferring high-level math classes and lab sciences.