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Asian Studies

Asian Studies Graduates

“Asian studies broadened my horizons tremendously. It taught me about other cultures and people. Today I use my knowledge of Asian studies in my third grade classroom. I use it to teach tolerance of other people and cultures by describing my experiences while living abroad in Japan. I also mentor my students as if they were my own — that I learned from my advisor, Dr. Daniel Metraux. Dr. Metraux gave me knowledge and encouraged me to follow my heart while I was at Mary Baldwin. Without Dr. Metraux’s guidance and mentorship, I wouldn’t have seen different parts of the world. But most of all, I wouldn’t have followed my heart.”

Erin Conmy ‘01
Erin is currently teaching third grade in the inner city of Richmond, Virginia

“During my freshman year at MBC I met Dr. Daniel Metraux, my academic advisor. He encouraged me to challenge myself throughout my undergraduate career by believing in my abilities to excel and seeing my unrealized potentials. Studying Asian studies, paired with international relations, created a sense of global awareness in me and the traveling opportunities available at MBC allowed me to put classroom theories into practice, engage and experience foreign cultures, and expand my career possibilities.”

Jie Lei ’05
Jie Lei graduated with majors in international relations and Asian studies, and minors in anthropology, economics, and political science. After graduation, she completed a certificate in Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Currently, she is completing a master’s degree in international policy studies at Stanford University concentrating on international political economy and east Asia.

“My studies at Mary Baldwin helped me to fuse my interests in art, literature, and cultural studies into a challenging and satisfying career of scholarship and teaching. Asian studies provided a strong social, political, and cultural background for later scholarly pursuits and perhaps more importantly helped to expand my perspective on the world.

With a double major already in painting and English, I was a devoted Asian studies minor, taking every possible class with Dr. Daniel Metraux that I could fit into my schedule. Asian studies added depth and dimension to my other interests in art and literature, complementing my research and studies. In graduate school I successfully utilized my background in art and Asian studies, writing my dissertation on a contemporary artist in India. As a member of my dissertation committee, Daniel has provided encouragement and guidance at Mary Baldwin and beyond. He has been an extraordinary professor, mentor, and friend, and I thank him for helping to shape my studies and career.”

Dr. Margaret Richardson ‘98
In 2005, Margaret Richardson earned her PhD in modern and contemporary art history. Currently, she is a term assistant professor of art history at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA and an ADP adjunct instructor of art history and Asian studies at Mary Baldwin College. She teaches modern and contemporary art, Asian religions, and South Asian art.