Asian Studies


Rebecca Frost ’11
Abortion in Japanese Buddhism
The abortion debate in this country is a heated one, but in Japan the case is much different. Buddhism there has evolved to include special rituals for women dealing with abortion or miscarriage. These practices are immensely beneficial to the women who utilize them. This paper looks at how these rituals are practiced in contemporary Japan, how they developed, and how they benefit women. It also covers modern thinking about abortion, including why it is prevalent in Japan and how the Japanese practices could be applied to help all women.

Sharon Kemmerer ’11
Korean Students: Campus Integration and Intercultural Competency
Due to linguistic and cultural barriers, international students often have a difficult time becoming fully integrated on U.S. campuses, particularly terms of developing meaningful relationships with American students. Mary Baldwin has long welcomed international students into her academic programs, and in the 2010-11 school year, these included nine Korean students from Sungshin University. This study explored barriers that this group, currently the largest international cohort at the college, faced while attending Mary Baldwin. Utilizing interviews from these Korean students, this study analyzed sociolinguistic, intrapersonal communication, and cultural barriers and ways to overcome them.

Kellie Warner ’90
Library of Congress: Japan: A Country Study
(Chapter: The Character and Structure of the Economy) Co-Authored with Dr. Métraux and published in 1992.