Taking Charge of His Education

For the first time in his decade-long journey as an undergraduate, Jamie O'Dea is confident that he will soon hold a college diploma.

"I had already started my senior thesis when I had to leave school the last time, so I was nervous about having to repeat a lot of work this late in the game," said O'Dea, who attended institutions in Virginia and North Carolina. "Mary Baldwin accepted all my credits. I finally feel in control of my education."

O'Dea worked with Staunton academic advisor Ellen Lucius to design a schedule that will help him graduate after three semesters. In addition to finishing his thesis for a major in history, he will also earn a minor in education and teacher licensure. And O'Dea is not planning to stop there — he hopes to pursue a master of arts in teaching.

"Every class I've had at MBC is taught, rather than lectured," he said. "Professors answer questions, and they don't hesitate to lead you to additional, insightful questions."