* Meet Kathy Harman

Kathy HarmanWith more than 20 years of business experience under her belt and her sights set on starting her own company, Kathy Harman entered MBC's Adult Degree Program (ADP) to earn a degree in business administration, with a concentration in small business management. Despite the fact that she was juggling a job and raising a family for the majority of her time in the ADP program, Harman was still able to complete her degree in four years.

"The evening classes were ideal when I was working, and I had no trouble scheduling them," Harman said. "My last year I took off from my job and I was able to work with ADP to schedule all the classes I would need to graduate within that year."

After graduating in 2008, Harman and a friend launched Real Results, Inc., a company committed to helping high-achieving women find direction and meaning in their careers and lives. She has also authored the soon-to-be-published book The ABC's of Living Well: 26 Games for the Soul.