* Meet Sallie Schisler '67, a Life well led

Sallie SchislerSchisler, an Episcopal Priest in Ironton, Ohio, manage all phases of the parish life at Christ Episcopal Church, including "leading Sunday worship, Bible study, mid-week services, counseling, even emptying the dehumidifier when it’s full!” she joked. The MBC grad has always been interested in community development — whether it’s social, political, artistic, or philanthropic in nature.

“One of the main goals of Christianity is community building among the congregation and in the larger community as well," she said. "As a priest, I feel privileged to partner with other like-minded persons, to strengthen God’s kingdom on earth at the most basic level."

That philosophy has led Schisler to help establish a group for loved ones of addicts and look for ways to integrate jail inmates into the faith community. She has helped to raise funds to establish a Hospice house for her community and is passionate about access to health care, mental health, and substance abuse treatment. Schisler said access to a liberal arts education at Mary Baldwin helped her “begin to integrate what I learned with how I felt about the world.”

“There was, during my years there, such a seamless integration between the faith traditions that were part of the association with the church and MBC history, and between the people on the staff and our learning. Leaders helped me not only learn, but shaped how I saw the world, and exposed me to how others had responded in the past and how I might live and respond to similar things in the future.”