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  • Employer: Liz Marin
  • Type of Position: Part-Time Job
  • Industry: Marketing
  • Location: 22801, VA
  • Salary Range: $15/appt

Sales Representative

Our sales representatives meet one-on-one with potential customers either in-person or virtually. The sales reps’ job is to show our products and help those customers find the perfect set that fits their needs. All Representatives have a guaranteed pay each time they show the product to a qualified potential customer whether the customer buys or not. The reason for the guaranteed pay is to avoid pressure on both the representative and customer. Our reps also enjoy flexibility and control over their own schedules.

Required Education and Experience:

No Specific Major or Study Required

To Apply:

Either Call (540) 908-4771 and ask about our position openings or go to apply and a receptionist will give you a call to give a brief job description and qualify for an interview

Contact Information:

Ask for Hannah or Andie

(540) 908-4771