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  • Employer: JourneyEast
  • Type of Position: Full-Time Job
  • Industry: Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources
  • Location: China, CT
  • Salary Range: 7,000 RMB / Month

Oral English Communications Teacher

Description: We are now accepting applications for qualified individuals with at least a 4 year bachelor’s degree to teach Oral English Communication in China. This is, teaching Chinese students how to properly speak the English language. (You do not need to know how to speak mandarin to apply, Chinese students already know how to speak basic English). Teacher Delegates through JourneyEast are expected to; plan lessons, administer tests, record grades based upon students achievements and progress, show up to class on time as well as act professionally and be culturally sensitive.

Teacher Delegates Through JourneyEast Receive;

1.) Free Rent and Utilities in a private, fully westernized apartment. 2.) Our teachers work 18-24 hours a week and earn approximately 7,000RMB per month. (FX: $1 = 6.12 RMB). Their free time is their own and we encourage them to travel and embrace the culture. 3.) JourneyEast supplies a free tutor for the first three months to help teachers learn the language and adjust to the new culture. 4.) Airport Pick-Up Services. The moment you land you will be greeted by a representative who will show you around the town, help you set up your bank account and show you to your apartment. 5.) Medical Insurance 6.) JourneyEast also takes care of all the paperwork that is required to get teachers to China. (Visas, Work Permits and FBI Criminal Background Checks) 7.) Airfare Reimbursement. Upon completion of teaching two semesters in China the schools in our network will reimburse our teachers on the cost of their flight ticket to China. 8.) JourneyEast also provides TEFL Training for teachers that would like extra training before they get into the classroom. 9.) Teachers are encouraged to put in extra hours for tutoring if they want to. They can tutor up to 8 students at a time and the going rate for tutoring is around 100 RMB / Hour / student. This allows teachers to better get to know their students as well as earn some extra spending cash.

Teacher delegates through JourneyEast have the option of teaching as long or as short as they would like. Teachers can go over and teach one semester (6 months), two semesters (10 months) or four semesters (2 years). They can also stay longer if they'd like. We actually have multiple teachers that have been in China for over 6 years because they love it so much.

Required Education and Experience:

Must have at least a four year bachelor's degree to apply.

To Apply:

To apply email me at Please attach your Resume and a Cover Letter.

Contact Information:

Michael Romyns
10 Pine Ridge Ln.