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  • Employer: LaunchCode
  • Type of Position: Full-Time Job
  • Industry: Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics
  • Location: St. Louis, MO
  • Salary Range: $15/hr

LaunchCode Placement

LaunchCode offers paid pair programming apprenticeships with an experienced developer at top companies including MasterCard, Panera, Riot Games, and more. Our goal is to fill open IT positions by removing credential barriers, linking learners with free resources, and creating an on-ramp to jobs through apprenticeships with companies. After applying with LaunchCode you will be offered an apprenticeship at a company that matches your personal and professional goals and strengths while helping you become a better programmer. Apprenticeships all pay $15/hr, with 90% resulting in the candidate being offered full-time employment.

We are looking for you if you have: -Familiarity with an at least one imperative (C/C++, Java, Javascript, C#, Python, Ruby, etc.) or functional language (Haskell, Scala, F#, Clojure, etc). (we are not interested in HTML, Markup Languages, etc.) -A logical mind. -An understanding basic control structures and elements of programs like loops, variables, functions, and potentially objects. -Eagerness to learn. -Interest in becoming a full time developer.

The apprenticeship program: -Will place you with an experienced developer. -Places you at companies interested in offering you a full-time, salaried position. -Provide free educational resources to accelerate your learning.

Our stats: -90% of LaunchCode apprentices get offered full-time employment. -On average last 84 days (longer or shorter depending on how hard you work).

Please apply through our website at

Required Education and Experience:

To Apply:

Please apply through our website at

Contact Information:

Daniel Fogarty
7912 Bonhomme ave, Suite 207
(314) 724-0241